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Top Five Bodybuilders Of All Time

There are thousands of bodybuilders all around the world. As every year passes by, we are known to hear of a new entry in some of the greatest and respected bodybuilding competitions worldwide. There is however a few names which no matter how far down in the future one may travel, their names will always remain a legend. They include Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Sergio Olivia, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorain Yates.


Ronnie Coleman


This individual is massive in size from all angles. There is not one muscle in this individual which has not been pumped and grown to the max. His main areas of expertise lie in his back, chest, bicep and forearm muscles. When first exposed many were surprised at the fact that a human body could in fact be so lean and hold so much dense muscle yet Ronnie proved everyone wrong.


Being a huge athlete over all, his quads look very small in comparison to the rest of his body. Even though they are enormous for an average individual like my self at 287 pounds, in relation to his other muscular body, looks pretty small. One area Ronnie has been heavily criticized is the lack of abs definition. With a great physique he unfortunately lacks the ability to hold a clean and mean six pack.


Lee Haney


Lee Haney is most popularly known for dominating the 1980s. He had an outstanding chest with a built back which was detailed to the max. This balance was very hard to be achieved amongst many power lifters. Weighing at 250 pounds he was seen as the ideal power lifters of all time.


Even though he had a great balance in regards to his chest and back, Lee Haney lacked that same physique and shape in his arms and calves. In compassion to his remaining body they seemed as if work still needed doing.


Sergio Olivia


This man was known to be 20 years ahead of his time. His body mass only started to catch up in recent years in comparison to other power lifters however was worth the wait. His combination of a huge chest and back supported by defined and enormous thighs was known to catch the eyes of many.


Seeing it took Sergio a longer time to gain the muscle mass, in comparison to other competitors of his time he was slightly out of his “era”; especially when other icons such as Frank Zane and Arnold came in to play.


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold never needed an introduction. Both his personality and physique was known to catch the eyes of thousands worldwide. His huge arms and one of the most defined chests till date was known to lead many critics to compare him with legends such as Dennis James.


Arnold paid a huge amount of time towards his upper body, however lacked that same charisma in the lower part of his body.


Dorian Yates


Dorian was another great bodybuilder that was known for both his personality and confidence. The mass and definition that was achieved by Yates was one that was recorded during the 2003 Olympia.


Dorian was prone to a lot of injuries during his career time which were evident in various aspects of his body development.

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