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An excellent word for competing in natural bodybuilding competition. The following text and image was posted on Ultimate Iron discussion forum by Kerry Dulin alias lifter4life.

Natural BodybuilderThe pic below is from last month. I am only posting this to show that a natural lifter in his 40's can still put on size and definition. As natural athletes we have to plan everything carefully. Our efforts donít pay the same degree of return as our enhanced brothers. As a natural competitor I can't compete (or rather wont compete) in not-tested competitions. The point is however that we don't have to. There are enough natural organizations and events to keep us in good company, we only have to support them. It has been said that natural bodybuilders are ruining the sport of natural bodybuilding. This is because we either fail to support natural magazines, sanctioning bodies and competitions, or because we tend to believe that any one larger and more defined than ourselves is on steroids. If were gonna talk the talk, lets walk the walk. Go to the tested competitions, supports the sponsors, get involved, compete yourself. We don't have the audience and support that the hulking brutes in the Olympia have, but we do have our pride, our health, our self-respect and an honest physique to back it up. The same thing goes for Powerlifting. Lets support the guys who have made a conscious decision to be natural competitors. Not only in this forum, but also in the marketplace.

Kerry Dulin

For Kerry Dulin Fitness has been a lifestyle as long as he can remember however he never competed in bodybuilding until the age of 41. At 41 he took first place in a Masters (40 to 50 age group) and second place in a Men's Open competition. At 42, his current age he took first place in another Masters and also first in the Open division. All events were drug tested. His goal for 2001 is to place at the state level in the Natural Masters. He says 'Actually, I want to win! Win or loose however, the joy is in the journey. I love to lift and the rewards are truly worth the sacrifice.
Visit Kerry at his web site www.liftforlife.com

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