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Exercises for Gaining Muscle

Less Time Spent, More Muscle Mass Gained:
The Top 5 Compound Exercises for Muscle Gain


In a world where time is of the essence, the cliché hitting two birds with one stone often applies.  What this basically means is that you can accomplish two activities and reach two end results in half the time. This is exactly what compound exercises are all about. 

Read on to find out more about compound exercises, its benefits, and the best activities that you can do to reach the goal of gaining muscle.

Compound Exercises: What are They, and What are the Benefits?

First, let us define what compound exercises are all about.  Also called multi-joint exercises, this is a series of movements which work on several part of the body – often several large muscle groups.

Next, here are the benefits of compound exercises:
1. Unlike isolation exercises which only target one particular muscle group, compound exercises are a great way to maximize your workout session by working on several muscle groups at the same time.
2. Compound exercises work well for muscle gain because the increased amount of muscle used for movements allow your endocrine system to pump out more anabolic hormones, which lead to muscle growth.
3. Compound exercises are a great way to burn fat, build lean muscle and condition the body.

The Top 5 Best 'Classic' Compound Exercises for Gaining Muscle

Now that you already have an idea about the benefits of using compound exercises if your goal is to gain muscle, what exactly are the types of exercises that you can do? Here's a list of the top five best compound exercises:

1. The Barbell Squat
Also called the king of compound exercises, it moves your body in such a way that the ankles, knees, hips, waist and even the  shoulders are bent to some extent.  This is a variation of the classic squat – but the difference is that you are carrying a barbell just above the 'meaty' part of your shoulders. 

2. Crunches
This classic compound exercise targets your upper abdominals.  As you may already know, crunches are done by lying with your back flat against the floor. With your hands behind your head, curl your upper torso forward until your feel a contraction in your abs – then return to your starting position.

3.  Barbell Curls
Using a straight barbell, stand with your feet about a shoulder width apart. With slightly bent knees, hold the bar and curl the barbell up until it reaches the height of your shoulders. With your elbows kept close to your sides, hold the bar for half a second and lower it slowly.

4. Lunges
Lunges are a typical compound exercise which targets several muscle groups in the lower body.

5. Deadlifts
This type of compound exercise targets the hamstrings, quads, lower back, forearms and your glutes. Make sure to start with the lighter weights first before graduating to heavier weights – and always watch your position and posture to avoid any exercise-related injuries.

With these five classic compound exercises, you can make the most out of your workout by targeting several muscle groups at the same time. Mike Geary's program on getting six pack abs also covers a lot of compound exercises. Similarly, Jason Ferruggia also focuses on compound exercises for beginners in his Muscle Gaining Secrets program. To know more sign up to our bodybuilding program on http://buildingbodymuscles.com.

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