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Bodybuilding Exercises

Make the Most Out of Each Workout Session:
Must-Do Exercises in Your Weight Training Routine


Fitness experts say that cardio exercises burn more calories as compared to lifting weights. So does this mean that you should not incorporate weight training anymore because they're just a waste of time?  Not necessarily.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of weight training exercises, and which activities will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.

The Benefits of Weight Training Exercises

Basically, when you combine cardio exercises with lifting weights, you can reach your weight loss goals a lot faster. Cardio exercises help improve your health by working on your heart and lungs, while weight training does the trick of burning the extra calories and gaining that much-needed muscle.

Take a look at the additional benefits of weight training exercises:
1. Regular resistance training can increase your basal metabolic rate – which equates to the equivalent of the calorie content of a candy bar burned everyday.
2. Since weight training increases your basal metabolic rate and you are losing more calories per day, the time that your body is at rest will cause it to lose even more calories.
3. Muscle has a more substantial weight on a per square inch basis – so even if you are not losing those excess pounds yet – the muscle that you will gain is more beneficial along the way.
4. Weight training energizes the body, improves muscular endurance and improves your posture.
5. Finally, the health benefits of weight training include: lowering the risks of osteoporosis and adult onset diabetes; balances your resting blood pressure; improves your immune system; improves your heart function as well as your balance and coordination; and speeds up your metabolism.

With all these benefits and more, why wouldn't you resort to doing weight training exercises?

Keep Yourself in Tip Top Shape: Must-Do Exercises in Your Weight Training Routine

Now, here are some of the must-do exercises that should be included in your weight training routine:

1. Overhead Dumbbell Presses
Start with the lightest weight that you can work with while familiarizing yourself with this weight training exercise. Sit on a bench while holding a pair of dumbbells. Slowly raise them at shoulder height and with you palms facing forward, press the dumbbells up and in to meet above the crown of your head.

2. Flat Dumbbell Presses
While sitting on an inclined bench, hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Begin the exercise by lifting the weights with your upper arms parallel to the ground, keeping your wrists straight and tight. Move in such a way that the dumbbells meet above the center of your body without lifting your head or your shoulders off the bench.

3. Other Weight Training Exercises
Do the bench press, standing military press, squats, lunges, standing calve raises, standing barbell curls, weighted ball situps and weighted cable crunches. All these weight training exercises are geared to work on your chest, back, shoulders, triceps, quads, hips, lower back, calves and abs.

With a good weight training routine, you can reach your fitness goals in no time at all. You can also obtain a better and more customized workout with muscle building programs like No Nonsense Muscle Building or Muscle Gaining Secrets. Sign up to our free course at http://buildingbodymuscles.com.

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